Programs Initiatives & Events


NxtGen STEM Scholars Summer Institute

The NxtGEN STEM Scholars Summer Institute is a virtual pre-first year summer transition program designed to help underrepresented minority students interested in or majoring in STEM tools, skills, networks, and resources to help them transition to college. The Institute focuses on preparing our scholars from an intentional and holistic perspective with sessions focused on the STEM experience (career paths, navigating STEM-related courses, etc.), helping students find their WHY, time management, study skills, health/well-being, and a variety of other topics.

The 2024 NxtGen STEM Scholars Summer Institute will be occurring July 29, 2024- August 9, 2024. Be on the lookout for more information regarding the 2024 NxtGEN STEM Scholars Summer Institute in Spring 2024. Any questions regarding NxtGEN, you can contact Eli Vasquez (MI-LSAMP Coordinator) at

Student Success Workshops & Events

Each semester, the MI-LSAMP team offers holistic student success workshops focused on the following pillars which aim to provide our scholars the necessary tools, skills, connections to resources, and support essential to their holistic development and success. Please review our event calendar for exact details on this semester’s sessions.

MI-LSAMP Programming Pillars

  • Student Success & Resources
    • Research
    • Graduate School Preparation
  • Sense of Belonging & Community
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Career Readiness & Development
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership Development &
  • Community Engagement
  • Identity & Personal Development
    • STEM Identity

MI-LSAMP Peer Mentoring Program(s)

In addition to every MI-LSAMP scholar receiving success and academic coaching from their MI-LSAMP Program Coordinator(s) at their institution, we also offer peer mentorship to our scholars.

Every MI-LSAMP institution offers some form of peer mentoring for first-year MI-LSAMP scholars at their respective institutions. LSAMP Peer Mentors are current LSAMP scholars who are in sophomore standing or higher that volunteers to serve as mentors to first year LSAMP scholars at their institution. First-year scholars will connect with their peer mentor at least four times during their first academic year. Peer mentors serve as a resource to help answer questions first-year scholars might have about LSAMP, STEM courses, resources at their respective institutions, or life and the college experience as a STEM student of color.

To learn more about the LSAMP Peer Mentoring opportunity at your MI-LSAMP institution, please reach out to your institution’s LSAMP Program Coordinator(s):

U-M MI-LSAMP Ambassadors

MI-LSAMP Student Ambassadors (SAs) are volunteers who help promote MI-LSAMP at the University of Michigan by assisting with the recruitment and yield of underrepresented racially minoritized STEM students to the University. Ambassadors also help facilitate, plan and promote events/workshops, serve as peer mentors to first-year MI-LSAMP scholars, and provide support to the MI-LSAMP staff by serving as members of the UM MI-LSAMP Student Advisory Board. This select cohort of MI-LSAMP scholars will be able to network, learn, and exchange ideas with a multitude of internal and external partners and will receive professional and leadership development from MI-LSAMP staff and campus programs.

MI-LSAMP Transfer Student Success Initiative

MI-LSAMP is excited to announce our new Alliance-Wide Transfer Student Success Initiative. The goal of this new initiative is to increase the number of URM STEM (or interested in STEM) students transferring from our 2-year MI-LSAMP institution to a 4-year MI-LSAMP institution, ensure a smooth transition for this group of scholars, connect them to the necessary resources for them to be successful at the 4-year institution, and to foster a sense of community and belonging for our transfer scholars. For more information regarding this initiative, please reach out to Joseph Ballard II (MI-LSAMP Director) at