Advisory Board(s) & Committees

Steering Committee

Led by the MI-LSAMP Co-Lead PI, Dr. Kevin Pipe, the Steering Committee will create Alliance policy and approaches to delivering programming to achieve the Alliance’s goals and objectives. The Co-Lead PI serves as Chair of the committee and responsible for reporting Alliance progress back to the governance board. Each partner institution will provide a member to serve on the steering committee, ideally at the assistant dean level or above. The Statewide Director will serve as an ex-officio member of the Steering Committee. Occasionally, the steering committee will work with ad hoc task teams to execute needed projects in various areas such as fiscal management, marketing & communications, facilitating programmatic connectivity between campus STEM colleges and other areas.

Governance Committee

The Alliance is led by a governance board, led by Dr. Tabbye Chavous (MI-LSAMP Principal Investigator), which will provide institutional oversight of the project. The Board will drive the institutionalization of best practices and promote support for the project at the state and national levels.

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